This Short Stop-Motion Clay Animation Is Fantastically Fluid

I’ve always thought that one of the appeals of stop-motion claymation was the imperfections in the animation, how things never quite moved as fluidly as real life. After watching this short from Guldies, I now realize that it’s because no one is a master of stop-motion claymation like he is. The animation is really simple—it’s just playing around with a ball of clay, after all—but the transitions are so seamless that it’s really impressive


The sound design really adds to the effect too.

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Not to downplay his work or effort, but isn’t it that he’s adding more frames to make it look more fluid? Like instead of “skipping” ahead to the next “frame” of movement, he moves say 1mm instead of 5mm at a time?

Just asking, because, that is the attention to detail that would maximize the fluidity of his work.