This Sink-In-A-Box Tucks Away To Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

You know the old saying: the sink is the heart of the bathroom. But all too often that sink looks nasty, covered in toothpaste, and draped with a half-used container of floss. Here's a sink that can cleverly hide everything away when you're not spitting your mouthwash into it.


Hidden is a concept designed by Giulio Gianturco for Makro that's basically a washbasin concealed within a wooden box. Inspired by nautical equipment, Hidden includes a sink basin made from sturdy Corian, stainless steel taps, a mirror with a light, a plug, and an extra secret compartment below for stashing your Scope. The result is a clutter-free vanity in your bathroom that only needs to be opened when you're using it (although I'd be a little worried about spattering the mirror with my freshly-washed hands).

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But here's the most interesting part and why I think this is actually a brilliant idea. When you remodel your bathroom, you often have to invest in a sink that you end up leaving behind when you move. Hidden can move with you. All you'll need at your next house is a nice clean countertop and the proper plumbing and electrical connections. It's the perfect minimalist sink solution. [designboom]

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Here's what would happen in my house:

Option A: The box is left open 360 days a year and only closed when company is coming over for the holidays. After it has been carefully cleaned.

Option B: The lid gets closed. A bunch of products, cans, makeup, sprays, etc. get set on top of it and it becomes a pain to try to open it again.