This Site Broadcasts Radio From Wherever the Sun Is Rising

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There's something about the sound of the morning news that seems eminently hopeful. For some of us it's NPR, but of course every place has its own variation—which is why Global Breakfast Radio, which lets you listen to the radio wherever the sun is rising, is so cool.


All you have to do is head to the website and click play, and you'll hear a broadcast from wherever the sun is rising. It also shows you a handy sun map to track the progress of the Earth's turn. As I'm writing this, dawn is happening in Arizona and Chihuahua, La Paz, Mazatlan.

Wired UK got an inside look at the project, which was designed and built by awriter named Seb Emina and a systems artist named Daniel Jones, and reports that you'll hear a hugely diverse list of stations if you listen closely:

Among the stations included are a traditional "oompah" station from Germany called "Alpenmelodie", a kids' broadcaster from Novosibirsk in Russian Siberia, and a Chamorro music station from a small village in Guam which has been broadcasting since 1954.

Head over to Global Breakfast Radio to check it out. It doesn't guarantee that you'll feel that indescribable optimism of the early morning all day, but it's fun nonetheless. [Wired UK]



Not to nitpick, but ATC is an afternoon show. You're probably thinking of Morning Edition. And for the record, I love NPR, but Steve Inskeep is insufferable in the morning. His shtick is to shticky for me at that time of day.