Going to concerts is fun no matter what, but it's a million times more fun if you know all the songs. Sadly, sometimes if you only know a cut or two, it can be hard to brush up on an artist's whole catalog before the show. Spotify's new Set Listener tool is here to help.

Set Listener is dead simple: Search for an artist and the tool will generate a Spotify playlist of the artist's last set. You can then open up and save it as a playslist in your Spotify account. That way you can familiarize yourself with an artists most playable tunes without diving into the entire body of work.


Spotify's code evangelist wrote the app up in "just a few hours" to illustrate the power of the new Spotify API as well as the Setlist.fm API. (I didn't even know the latter existed.) The was built up around follow the company's acquisition of huge "music intelligence" powerhouse The Echo Nest. Yes, please, more of this. [Set Listener]