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This Squishy NASA Rover Is Mostly Empty Space

Naturally, NASA's a big fan of light and portable things, so this rover made of poles and cables represents a way forward. No wheels. No bulk. All agility.


It's called the Super Ball Bot, and it weighs only a few pounds. This contraption is light enough and agile enough to make its way around Saturn's moon, Titan, as it can pack itself into a tiny space and expand for full functionality. It wouldn't even need a parachute to land on the moon. While it's still in the prototype phase, the robot could ostensibly fall the 62 miles to the surface without sustaining any damage. And once it lands, it just dances across the surface. [NASA via Engadget]

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Cool way of transportation but i want to know if it can carry the same amount of instruments as Curiosity with less weight and how, i mean Curiosity is practically a box with instruments that has wheels this is just replacing the wheels with a more complex movement, it's great for moving around (i guess) but i don't see it as efficient carrying a lot of exploration instruments. I hope they can prove me wrong.