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This Steel Grill Fry Pan Is a Great Man Gift

Illustration for article titled This Steel Grill Fry Pan Is a Great Man Gift

Not to ruin the surprise, but this is what my brother-in-law is getting for Christmas. He's likes to spend time cooking on the back porch, so this steel grill fry pan is perfect for him.


The recommendation came from Joe, who says to pair with some smoked salt and then you have a perfect present. The pan works with your gas or charcoal grill, and it's a great little accessory whether you're preparing meats or veggies. It's versatile, too—you can use it with our without the handle. And you don't have to worry about little pieces of food falling through the holes. Phew. In-laws are hard to shop for. [Williams-Sonoma]

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That is nice! They are awesome for grilling vegetables. Ours has a wooden handle. Not sure if the metal will stay cool to the hand, but it does look great :-)