This Supercut Proves That All Running Should Be In Slow Motion

Just admit it. Sometimes you're jogging in the park or you're on the treadmill and you visualize yourself running in slow motion. Sweat pouring off you, hair swinging, face contorted as you fight for your goal. It's pretty epic.


And we're definitely all drawing that image from movies where slow motion montages actually make running look glamorous, so no judgement. Whatever motivates you to work out or make your morning train is great. If you need a refresher to really get your energy up watch this supercut. It's a crap ton of slow motion running packed into three minutes. You've got your Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, your Shrek 2, some LOTR, a little bit of The Patriot, a classic Blade Runner moment and more. Okay now high tail it outta here.

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Damn, I was hoping it would turn out more like this: