This TED-Ed video contains one glaring mistake

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Call me anal-retentive, but I find it more than a little ironic that a TED-Ed video about the importance of units, whole number place value, decimal place value, and fractions features an animation of apples being sold for 0.79 cents each (see 00:25).

Not $0.79 each. Zero-point-seven-nine cents apiece. Either that's a mistake, or those are some very, very cheap apples.

Pedantry aside, this is a great introduction to a basic — but important — mathematical (and grammatical) concept: that of the basic unit, including why "one" is not always "one." It's yet another great example of how TED-Ed stands to change the future of education, whether it's teaching you about basic maths, tips to remember the driving forces of evolution, or how life begins in the deep ocean. [Spotted on Explore]