The unending march of technological progress probably left you feeling slightly confused when your fancy new 12-inch MacBook arrived with just a single USB-C port. Satechi has a solution to Apple’s oversight, though, that doesn’t compromise your new laptop’s tiny footprint.


The company’s new Type-C Hub Adapter sidles up alongside your laptop and turns its USB-C port into a three classic USB-A ports (the kind you’ve been using for years and years) plus an SD card slot and a microSD card slot.

The hub’s thin profile won’t look like an unsightly grown on the side of your sleek hardware, and while it comes in three different colors to match the color options for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, it will of course also work with Chromebooks or other devices that have already embraced USB-C with open arms.

At $34 we would have also liked to have seen a USB-C pass-through added to the hub so that users could continue charging their 12-inch MacBooks while still using all of their old USB peripherals. But more realistically, we’d rather see Apple add a second USB-C port on its next hardware refresh.



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