Every place I love in San Francisco in one gorgeous timelapse

San Francisco is fantastic. I'm admittedly biased because I live here, but behind all the headlines of late—skyrocketing housing prices, burgeoning class war, tech bubble 2.0—it's still chock full of weird, wonderful, and just plain beautiful stuff. Marc Donahue from PermaGrin Films turned his sights on the city for "I Left My Heart," an impressive timelapse that shows SF from all the best angles.

The perspectives are great—so many views from so many locations!—and if you're interested in the technical aspects of how the hell Donahue put it together, check out this behind the scenes vid that shows a stoked trio of beer-drinking bros talking about making magic off-camera to make magic on-camera.

My only complaint: I kinda wish they used this song, which always makes my heart go all funny. [@permagrinfilms]


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Over the holidays I was telling old friends back in the UK how great SF is, in part in the hope that they'd come over and visit me.

Then I went up to Edinburgh, Scotland and thought that really I should tell my friends to go here instead. While Edinburgh versus SF is really comparing apples and oranges, it made we realize how much good publicity (or propaganda?) US cities get compared to other great places around the world.