This Tiny Multi-Function Cube Can Save a Dying Smartphone

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There is no shortage of tiny USB charging and sync cables available for your smartphone, but the makers of the aptly-named WonderCube have managed to squeeze a surprising amount of functionality into a tiny one-inch cube you'll never want to leave home without.

The WonderCube is smaller than most keychains, but does far more than remind you about your trip to Florida a decade ago. One side of the cube is covered in a grippy material so that it can be used as a stand to perch your phone at the perfect angle for watching videos. Or you can use it as a compact flashlight with its built-in LED.


But unfolding the WonderCube reveals its best-kept secrets. One side has a Lightning or microUSB connector while the other has standard USB allowing you to charge a smartphone or tablet when connected to a power adapter, or sync the device with a computer. The USB port even has a slot for a microSD card letting you use the cube as a card reader, or as a way to back up data from your mobile device—if supported.

And for those times when your smartphone is nearly dead and there's no outlet or computer to be found, the top of the WonderCube opens to reveal an adapter letting you use a common 9-volt battery to revive your device. It's a last resort for a dying phone, but there's certainly some peace of mind knowing it's an option.


The WonderCube is available through an Indiegogo campaign that launched today, and the first 100 backers can pre-order the tiny wonder for just $40. But if you'd rather hold off on committing any money until the cube is officially shipping, it will cost you $70 instead. So despite the risks, this might be one of those crowdfunding campaigns you'll want to jump on now instead of later. [Indiegogo - WonderCube]