This Twilight Zone comic is one of the funniest examples of first contact fail

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Gold Key Twilight Zone comics ruled. Their covers were confounding, and the plots were nuggets o' weirdness narrated by a snarky illustrated Rod Serling. In this gem from 1972, a blind, whiny alien turns some schmo into his "seeing-eye man!"

Here's what I love about this strip from Twilight Zone 52:

1.) The plot's breakneck pace. I realize you can cram only so much story into six pages, but the exact moment Walter starts waxing banal about his eye exam, he crashes his convertible into an alien's crotch.
2.) Walter's totally blasé about first contact. "You are just a blind alie-NNGGNN!"
3.) The fact that my legal name is more alien than "Chaykin."
4.) The fact that Chaykin spends the entire comic tasering Walter/making him wear a baby harness. Interplanetary S&M!
5.) The twist at the end is basically a punchline. Plus, Walter looks like Magnum P.I.
6.) Rod's smug "take a look at these jerks" face in the last panel. Priceless.


[Via Swords and Veeblefetzers]