This two person golf trick shot is unbelievable

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Excuse the portrait mode video but this golf trick shot is so impressive that we can ignore the blatant disregard of proper cell phone video recording etiquette. Here's what goes down: the guy behind hits a golf ball to the guy in front who swings and hits the same ball without the ball ever touching the ground. It's like the golf equivalent of an alley oop dunk. Perfect timing, perfect execution, perfectly in sync.

At least, if it's real. In this day and age, it could all be a fake.

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First off, this is an acceptable use of portrait mode for video. The video is framed with portrait mode in mind. I approve.

Secondly, after numerous viewings, I've determined that this is real, just not the first take. If somehow not fake, they managed to get the rolling shutter correct on the golf ball for being in portrait mode. So kudos for going to that detail on a "fake" video.