This Universal Mount Will Let You Use Any Phone on Your Handlebars

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Mounting your phone on your handlebars isn't a new idea, but this little piece of silicon, known as Finn, is the neatest solution we've seen: it simply stretches over your bars and will hold a phone of pretty much any size.


Made in Austria from what's claimed to be 'high-grade silicon', the strip loops over your bars, through itself, and then stretches to accommodate whatever smartphone you throw its way. Maybe even that monstrous iPhone 6 Plus. (Watch the video below to see how it works.) It's a neat solution: lightweight, quick to fit and small enough to slip into a pocket when you jump off your bicycle. Perhaps even better, it only costs $15.

The obvious concern here is stability: can a simple silicon band hold a phone firmly enough for the rough and tumble of fast city biking? Well, it's claimed the thing can hold up to downhill mountain biking; if that's true, it should cope with any kerb or pothole you throw at it. Guess there's only one way to find out. [Finn via Cool Hunting]


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You mean "silicone". Silicon is a mineral (sand). Silicone is a synthetic rubber. If the manufacturer calls is "silicon", they have it wrong too, but then, the Europeans pronounce both words identically. Silicone, man.