This Video Dives Into the Bizarre, Complex History of the Muppet Babies

Look at those sweet babies, with their imagination.
Look at those sweet babies, with their imagination.
Image: Jim Henson Productions/Marvel

I learned a lot about the Muppet Babies recently. The Henson-created cartoon, which I watched in syndication as a kid in the ‘90s, has a fascinating history.


Like, for instance, did you know that it was produced by Marvel? Yeah, that Marvel, with the same TV division that created GI Joe. Henson was, apparently, reluctant to accept the pitch, but when Marvel came around with the promise of a ton of money Henson accepted, deciding he could use the funds to support his more ambitious ventures, like Labyrinth. Also, for the first three seasons the show was animated by Toei Animation, known now for, like, all the anime.

In this video by Defunctland, in its ongoing series on the legacy and works of Jim Henson, creator Kevin goes deep into the Muppet Babies, its failed companion program about Muppet monsters that I never knew existed, and how it led into other parts of Henson’s late career. It’s good weekend watching. Time to visit a world of imagination and all that.

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I loved them, especially the mix of live action.  Saturday morning cartoons?  Do they even exist anymore???