This video is so insane that I had to stop watching

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About a third into this video of Russian Ukranian kids doing their usual thing—climbing onto buildings, towers, and bridges with absolute disregard to their own life—I had to stop. I've seen things like this before, but this was too much.

Seriously. I'm not exaggerating and I may be too impressionable, but I couldn't take it anymore. I wonder if their adrenal glands have some kind of genetic malformation.


UPDATE 1: For some reason, it seems they took down the original compilation video, but here's the the first compilation by the same author, which we published a couple of months ago:

UPDATE 2: Curious about how they get up there? Here's a video showing it, which this guy just published:

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Am I the only one who's palms sweated while watching this? Holy fuck!