This video of a man's hand giving birth to a parasitic botfly is horrifying

On a recent trip to Belize, insect researcher Mark Moffet was infected with a parasitic botfly. Moffet allowed the botfly to gestate in his hand and later filmed its birth. NSFW because throwing up on your computer is poor form.


Here's Moffet's description of his botfly foibles from YouTube:

[...A] parasitic larva called a botfly entering his hand during an expedition to Belize. The maggot took ten weeks to grow to "maturity," surviving Mark's subsequent trips to Honduras, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. It finally emerged on 2 December 2010, at the end of a meeting with the environmentalist E.O. Wilson at Harvard.

True story: I was drinking a banana smoothie when I first saw this and was instantaneously green around the gills. This video is a great way to permanently alienate everyone you know.

For more of this, check out Moffet's book Adventures Among Ants.



That guy is an idiot, doctor or not. Forget the worm growing in his hand, he had an open wound going for weeks. He was just asking for one of those necrotizing fasciitis deals to consume his hand all the way up to his ribcage.