This Video Projected on Water Will Take You To a Creepy Fantasy World

In nature, the combination of water droplets and light create the floating color phantasms we know as rainbows. In the hands of artist Robert Seidel, the two elements form advection, a morphing kaleidoscopic video installation that's dripping with abstract digital beauty.


The installation in Bad Rothenfelde, Germany, projects video onto the spraying water of an outdoor fountain. As wind and weather alter how the jets, clouds, and dense mists of water move, the image morphs, creating a different experience with every moment. Set to a David Kamp soundtrack that evokes Alfred Hitchcock-era suspense, the result is an off-kilter Fantasia you can't help but stare at. Try not to fall in. [Advection via Create Digital Motion]

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Disney's World of Color show has been doing this for years. Really, it blew me away as one of the most amazing and innovative things I've seen from Disney in a long long time.

(this was the only gif I could find with imagery being used on the mist...)