This Watch Will Tell You If You're Too Drunk to Drive

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Drunk driving is obviously super dumb, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell what kind of effect a beer has had on your body. Fortunately, Tokyoflash's latest watch straps a breathalyzer to your wrist so you can keep a check on things.


Blow into the sensor housed on the side of the watch and the LCD will change color to reflect your alcohol intake: green is sober, red is well over the limit. There's even a little on-board game to check your reactions.

Like most Tokyoflash watches the time is particularly tricky to read—but maybe that's another mechanism through which you can check your sobriety. For the next 48 hours the watch will sell for $100; you can buy it direct from Tokyoflash. [Tokyoflash via Engadget]


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The unintended problem with this watch is the same one my friends and I encountered a few years ago when they started marketing little portable breathalyzers the size of Zippo lighters. The novelty of someone having one invariably turns an otherwise normal drinking occasion into a game of, "Who can blow the highest BAC?"

"Wait, let me have another drink and then try again!....<gulp!>....I wiiiiiin!"

Granted, there are responsible adults that can probably be counted on not to behave like immature alcoholics, but it's still a real problem...