This Website Turns Photos of Your Pets Into 3D Reliefs You Can Actually Pet

It’s not easy leaving your pet behind as you head off to work each morning. And if the thousands of photos you have of them on your phone aren’t enough of a solace, you can now have them turned into a pettable 3D photo relief when being apart gets especially tough.


Poppet’s website is reminiscent of a similar service that Casio was demoing at its CES booth back in 2012, but the results here are far more refined, and resilient enough to be touched.

All that’s needed on your end for ordering one is a decent photo of your dog or cat looking directly at the camera. The process of creating one of these 3D reliefs takes about a month because part of the process is done by hand. That also explains the ~$100 price tag, which probably seems outrageously expensive to anyone except those with a dog or cat at home they’re terribly missing while at work.

[Poppet via Taxi]


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