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This Week in Time Capsules: Redditor Wants to Bury Dogecoins

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It was a particularly weird week for time capsules. Everybody's trying to figure out where those 19th century coins came from, a town in Australia is debating whether they should open a 1994 capsule with old photos of Keith Urban, and one Redditor is trying to bury some dogecoins. Seriously.

Much capsule. Very time. Wow.

Today's time capsulers often struggle with how to put digital goods in physical capsules. But this might be a new one: A Redditor in the UK supposedly wants to include dogecoins in his new capsule.


Reddit user iwillbeyourbodyguard posted on a dogecoin subreddit this week asking how one might bury 14 dogecoins in a time capsule. Apparently this person is assembling the capsule with his daughter and plans on burying it in a hole in the neighbor's yard. He looked into burying bitcoins, but he said that they were too expensive.

"I'll print them off and seal them in a separate tin and one day someone will open the capsule and hopefully be rich like the guys who found the gold coins last week," the Redditor explained, referring to the extremely valuable coins found buried in California recently.


As another dogecoin enthusiast helpfully pointed out in the thread, you can't really print out dogecoins for use in the future — though they do suggest printing the address and password from a dogecoin wallet site like Dogevault. Dogespeed, capsuler. [Reddit]

Family finds two time capsules during kitchen remodeling

A family in Needham, Massachusetts was surprised to find quite a treasure recently while remodeling their kitchen: two time capsules.


"You hear about this sort of thing happening," Abigail Harmon told the Needham Times. "But you never believe it's going to happen to you."

Based on the contents, one time capsule appears to be from the late 1930s, while the other is from 1984. Both include letters, newspaper clippings, and even candy wrappers from their respective eras.


The Harmon family plans to put all of the items back into the wall, and include their own new capsule filled with Harry Potter stamps, candy wrappers, magazines and other mementos from 2014. [Wicked Local Needham Times]

Mysterious Keith Urban capsule may be opened 10 years behind schedule

The people of Old Petrie Town, Australia are debating whether they should open a time capsule buried at the local Country Music Hall in 1994. The thing was scheduled to be opened in 2004, though no one is quite sure why it took another 10 years for anybody to notice. The priceless treasure they expect to find inside? A photo of New Zealand-born, Australian-raised country singer Keith Urban. [Courier Mail]


Time capsule removed from historic building, signaling it may be torn down

A time capsule has been removed from a historic building in Manila, raising concerns that it may be torn down soon. The El Hogar Filipino building is 100 years old and has sadly fallen into disrepair. Some have called for the building to be turned into luxury apartments, but as the local press notes, it's never a good sign when they take out the time capsule. It's not clear what's inside the time capsule, but hopefully it will be at the very least displayed publicly. [Filipino Times]


Image: Dogecoin photo-illustration by Gizmodo's Michael Hession