This week: Why we need real neighborhoods! Keeping L.A.'s transit momentum alive! Americans may have reached "peak car"! Daylighting rivers! And a ghost town you can call your very own!

  • What's the role of the neighborhood in today's globalized city? Tom Vanderbilt explores why we still need a sense of belonging somewhere local [Wilson Quarterly via Studio-X NYC]
  • L.A.'s new mayor Eric Garcetti inherited an impressive transit agenda from his predecessor Antonio Villaraigosa, but can he keep up the momentum to build more rail and bus service and keep Angelenos out of their cars? [Next City, subscription required]
  • 5 beautiful maps that help us understand problems like climate change, healthcare, and slums [Wired]
  • There's methane leaking from the ground all over New York City and this Cooper Union project helps visualize it []
  • How much does a street actually cost? More than you'd think [The Grid]
  • The U.S. has likely passed peak car: These six charts prove that driving is declining in America [Atlantic Cities]
  • And since we've reached peak car… designing parking garages for a car-free future [Atlantic Cities]
  • The State Department might not be building that $500 million Mexican embassy after all [Foreign Policy, subscription required]
  • Buried treasure: The practice of daylighting rivers in urban centers from Seoul to Oklahoma City is building stronger, healthier cities [Urban Omnibus]
  • Choosing the 10 smartest—sustainable, connected, innovative—cities of North America [Co.Exist]
  • One ghost town for sale in Northern California, with bar and liquor license, $225,000—sheriff not included [Los Angeles Times]

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