How your neighborhood was designed by racists. What it's like to sit behind the wheel of a car for four hours every day. The evils of alternate-side parking. And the beauty of traveling by antique rail car. All this and more, in this week's Urban Reads.

Examining rap lyrics to measure quality of life in Compton. An ambitious housing plan from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. How Boston is changing thanks to one architecture firm. Why Atlanta is putting all its money on the BeltLine. Plus, Bike Month! All in this week's Urban Reads!

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How paying people to be parents has created a baby boom in Finland. Decoding the maybe-too-flashy urban renewal of once-dangerous Medellín, Colombia. And why a long-standing rivalry between Boston and New York led to the first American subways. Here are today's Urban Reads.

A beautiful look at the U.S.-Mexico border, how American cities are turning into "play deserts," and where you'll find the real roots of the tech industry. Plus a pizza-funded religious community in Florida, a farm on Staten Island, and where rich dogs poop, all in this week's Urban Reads.

London's plan to grow up might go down, Elon Musk's quest to make electric cars cool, and funny anti-Rob Ford ads appear in Toronto. Plus: Learning from streets in Vietnam, Paris, and Manhattan. All this and more in this week's Urban Reads.

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A peek at Crimea's controversial election day, Philly widens freeways by mistake, and does Austin, Texas, have a drinking problem? Plus, the incredible story behind Rio's most famous monument, and the truth about earthquakes in L.A. Come along with us on this week's Urban Reads.

A new movie about Chicago; an unbelievable road diet in Buenos Aires creates 100 blocks of pedestrian space; and a tour of the vibrant city of Accra. Plus, another idea for solving San Francisco's housing crisis, and everyone's favorite cokehead mayor hits the late night talk show circuit, all in this week's Urban

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How the Super Bowl failed its transit-riding attendees, an L.A. museum that collects houses, and why Monarch butterflies are dying (spoiler: because of us). Plus a McDonald's in Queens, Millennials in St. Louis, and biking in Las Vegas. It's time for your weekly Urban Reads.

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