Moby wants you to join his perpetual pool party in Los Angeles, and a group of scientists wants China to use "spatial economics" to design more walkable cities. Plus: informal transit in Nairobi, a failed utopia in California, radical ideas for the Vegas of 2034, and a significant prehistoric site that's currently being uncovered in downtown Miami. Check out this week's Urban Reads.

  • The weather, mostly: Moby explains why all your friends should move to L.A. [Creative Time Reports]
  • The reason New Yorkers can't get to LaGuardia Airport by train [Gothamist]
  • Mapping the "matatus" in Nairobi, Kenya: A massive system of informal, unregulated transit [Atlantic Cities]
  • How a firm named Space Syntax is helping China to design more walkable cities: "Space Syntax uses a grid of all the walkable paths in a city to predict how people would move in an idealized version of the city, then measures how other parts the city's texture attracts or repels people away from this prediction. For example, a wide-open park might get people to cross an otherwise forbidding traffic circle. Or, a dense, walkable shopping district might wither because it's too far from public transportation or lacks adequate parking." [Wired]
  • Greened viaducts, urban gardens, and "new agrarianism" might not be making cities more sustainable [Guardian Cities]
  • From a High Line along the Strip to a Virgin Galactic station on the Stratosphere: Visions for Las Vegas in 2034 [Vegas Seven]
  • When urban design is too ahead of its time: Modernist architect Irving Gill and the failed utopia of Torrance, California [Curbed LA]
  • "The archaeologists, under the direction of veteran South Florida archaeologist Bob Carr, have so far painstakingly dug up eight large circles comprised of uniformly carved holes in the native limestone that they believe to be foundation holes for Tequesta Indian dwellings dating as far back as 2,000 years." Miami uncovers a significant prehistoric site during the construction of a large downtown development project [Miami Herald]
  • Three things cities can do to prevent deaths from heroin abuse [Village Voice]
  • Why one German couple is trying to buy the Berlin power grid [Guardian]

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