Why a Raleigh neighborhood wants to tear down a modern house. How a suburb in Cleveland eradicated the school bus. Where Millennials are moving (hint: wherever the transit is). Plus Los Angeles's Instagramming mayor and Vegas's quest to legalize weed, all in this week's Urban Reads.

  • Neighborhood politics at their worst: A halfway constructed home in Raleigh, North Carolina might be torn down because it's "too modern" [Vanity Fair]
  • "'I find myself in these unique places with a unique angle that nobody else can get to,' Mr. Garcetti said as he offered a personally curated tour of his work, displaying his phone while sitting on a wall by a North Hollywood subway station. 'I'm looking for something that moves my eye. Sometimes they are not great pictures: Like this, that was from my car. But I'll take a situation and try to make it aesthetically pleasing.'" The Instagramming strategy of Los Angeles's mayor, Eric Garcetti [New York Times]
  • Letters to the Mayor, 50 letters penned by architects to the leaders of their cities [Storefront]
  • Two big studies out last week focus on what Millennials want from their cities. More than anything, they want better transit—and they're likely to move if the place they live doesn't deliver [Atlantic Cities]
  • Airbnb is emerging as an enemy in San Francisco's housing crisis [SF Examiner]
  • The challenges to legalizing weed in Las Vegas [The Verge]
  • How Helsinki uses open data to represent the needs of its region [Citiscope]
  • The Cleveland suburb of Lakewood has made school buses obsolete: Everyone lives within walking distance of their school. It also saves the school district a million dollars per year [Streetsfilms]
  • "On May 7, 2007, I was hit by a delivery truck making a turn while I was crossing the street with the light. I was just one of 10,859 pedestrians injured when they were struck by a car, truck, taxi or bus that year." New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson and three other Times staffers tell their stories of being hit while walking [New York Times]
  • What running out of power in a Tesla on the side of a highway taught writer Nate Berg about the road trip of tomorrow [Atlantic Cities]
  • How to fix New York City's parks [New Yorker]

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