This Week's Hot Stories Are Toasty Indeed

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It's been quite a week around here. Among a lot of juicy activity, you pondered antimatter, enjoyed some TSA body scans (and lawsuits, and "humor"), and watched a hotel get built in 6 days. Check out this week's five hottest posts below!

# 5: 163,442 views
Antimatter Trapped For the First Time


# 4: 181,629 views
The TSA's Sense of Humor Makes Me Nervous

# 3: 194,432 views
Chinese Build 15-Story Hotel In Just Six Days, Rest On Seventh

# 2: 240,740 views
Woman Suing Federal Government After TSA Screeners Exposed Her Breasts to Entire Airport (And Asked for Video)


# 1: 1,886,215 views
One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans


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