This Week's Top Comedy Video: Disney's Vehicle Movies

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If you're over the age of 12, you probably wondered why the hell Pixar ever made Cars 2. And then when you heard about Planes, you probably wondered who in the world would go see a Pixar-less Disney movie that sounds like the direct to DVD cousin of Cars. Merchandising is not an excuse for crap! The formula is simple, really: any vehicle-related movie made by Disney or Pixar is a must not watch. Funny or Die pokes fun of Disney's Jay Leno-like vehicle obsession by showing just how many vehicle-related movies they have in the pipeline.


I could have been convinced with a World War II animation movie built around Tanks if Cars had never happened. The rest of this week's comedy videos, including extreme budgeting for drinking and Neil Hamburger can be found over on Splitsider.


Adam Plante

Pretty funny right up to the point where the narrator says "at at" instead of AT-AT. Not sure if that was supposed to be funny or if he is just an idiot.