This Week's Top Comedy Video: Joad Versus the Potato

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Joad Cressbeckler Fears Genetic Modification Causes 'Wrath-Minded Taters'There's crotchety, and then there's Joad Cressbeckler, possibly the Onion News Network's funniest recurring character. Here, he tackles the tough question of genetically modified crops—with a knife.

Rounding out the rest of the week's best comedy vids over at Splitsider: a US president who's never seen Rocky, arcade prizes you'd never see coming, and the last guy you'd want to see in a job interview.


Other highlights from this week in comedy:

- We proved - using science! - that 30 Rock is a better show than $#*! My Dad Says.
- Conan returned to TV, at long last. We sure missed stuff like this.
- The Simpsons was renewed for an absurd 23rd season, and we discovered a very credible conspiracy theory connecting the show to 9/11.
- We talked about why most comedy movies just aren't all that funny.
- Community had one of its best episodes yet, including a brilliant little Easter Egg for fans to discover.
- George Bush came back into the news, much to the delight of late night comedians.


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