This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Drunk Girl Therapist

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She might not be licensed, or intelligent, or remotely sober, but dammit if the drunk girl therapist won't cut straight to the heart of the matter. Assuming "the matter" is another midori sour.


Full video below:


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Other highlights from the week in comedy:

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- Brandon T. Jackson was hired to play Axel Foley's son in the new Beverly Hills Cop TV series.


- Ellen DeGeneres received the Mark Twain Prize.

- We interviewed NTSF:SD:SUV actress Kate Mulgrew, Onion News Network head writer Andy Miara, accomplished playwrights David Wain and Joe Lo Truglio, Happy Endings stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Eliza Coupe, and stand-up Sean Patton.


- We watched the Eddie Pepitone documentary The Bitter Buddha.

- We examined Tim & Eric's awkward interview style

- We all the parts Steve Martin almost played but didn't.

- We recommended the web short "Bob Wins an Award" and Karen Kilgariff's Twitter feed.


- We rounded up this week's best podcasts, including shows like WTF, Comedy Bang Bang, and Best Show on WFMU, with guests like Chris Elliott, Jen Kirkman, and Tim Heidecker.

- We reminisced about Pamela Stephenson's SNL stint.

- We revisited the comedy of Will Rogers.

Illustration for article titled This Weeks Top Web Comedy Video: Drunk Girl Therapist

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Dr.Nemmo and his time-travelling submarine

That was... Awful.

I mean, humour is not in the gross part. If they implied that the therapist was drunk but it wasn't evident at first, that would have been funny. Giving away everything at the start is stupid. Do you know that joke about the chicken that crossed the road to reach the other side? Ask me about it.