I get it, ladies. You feel objectified. Fetishized. Just-a-thing-to-me-ified. We totally suck do all that stuff. But it's maybe sorta because we've never been on the other side of that fence. No more! Here's women's love letter to the fleshy crotch bag.

(NSFW, as if there were any question.)

The rest of the week's top videos, including the new Andy Rooney, bad luck reading names, and a word from the Steamrolling industry, can be found over at Splitsider.

Arrested Development is coming back! We took a tour through its possible new homes, and we checked in on its recurring characters.

- In sadder news, The Simpsons might be ending this season, and probably won't continue for more than one season.

- We learned to diet by being depressed.

- We talked to the hard-working Nick Swardson.

- We searched for comedy in The Binding of Isaac.

- We wondered why Anna Faris isn't in many good movies.

- We went behind the scenes of The Onion News Network.

- We wrote the definitive guide to building the ultimate black comedian.

- We remembered SNL's Gilda Radner.

- We speculated on what an NFL lockout would've meant for The League.

- We spoke with stand-up Andrea Andrassy of Croatia.

- We found the lost roles of Tim Allen.

- We excavated the first appearance of The Honeymooners.

- We made a comedy Venn diagram!


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