This Week's TV: M. Night Shyamalan Debuts His Own Version Of Twin Peaks

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M. Night Shyamalan launches us into a new mysterious town with his series Wayward Pines — and it might not be completely awful. HBO’s latest true crime documentary asks: should we arrest a man for talking about planning to commit a crime? Plus, we’ve got the season finales of Arrow, Grimm, The Vampire Diaries, and CSI: Cyber.



The Originals (8 PM, The CW)

With time running out, Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) ultimate plan to protect baby Hope at all costs continues to take shape. As tensions between the siblings come to a head, Cami (Leah Pipes) reveals a vital piece of information that causes Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah to reconsider their plan of attack against Dahlia (guest star Claudia Black). Davina (Danielle Campbell) finds herself one step closer to fulfilling the promise she made to Kol, while Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) is forced to take drastic measures to protect herself against Dahlia. Elsewhere, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) has to put aside his fury at Klaus in order to protect himself and everyone in their sire line. Meanwhile, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) finds himself torn between the prospects of a magic-free life away from New Orleans and a personal obligation to protect Davina. Finally, with their risky plan in place, the Mikaelson siblings prepare for the fight of their lives.

Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop (9 PM, HBO)

True crime aficionados go inside the case of Gilberto Valle, a police officer who talked about kidnapping women and eating them. He never actually acted kidnapped or ate anyone, but he was still arrested and tried for planning to do so. This documentary asks where the line is between plan and fantasy, and whether a person can or should be convicted of a crime they only talked about committing.

The Returned (10 PM, A&E)

The show’s season finale focuses on Peter:

A strange premonition overshadows Tommy and Rowan’s celebration; Victor faces his tragic past.

StarTalk (11 PM, National Geographic)

Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews “Huffington Post” co-founder Arianna Huffington and discusses news in the information age with guest comedian Chuck Nice and journalist Jeff Jarvis.



Community (Streaming, Yahoo! Screen)

This week, the study group goes on a road trip. I fear for Elroy’s RV.

The Flash (8 PM, The CW)

Barry reaches out to Captain Cold for help against Wells, but things don’t go according to plan. Fortunately for the S.T.A.R. Labs team, reinforcements arrive in the form of Arrow and Firestorm.

iZombie (9 PM, The CW)

Liv’s brain/case of the week is a former sniper who was running at a paintball facility. And we’ve got another guest star from Veronica Mars; Percy Daggs III plays the new husband of the dead sniper’s ex-wife.


CSI: Cyber (10 PM, CBS)

The cyber team tracks a killer who hacks into a popular online game and tricks gamers into delivering illegal weapons.



Arrow (8 PM, The CW)

In the season finale, Ra’s al Ghul moves forward with his final plan and Oliver has to figure out if he’s strong enough for his new role — and how it will affect everyone on Team Arrow.


CSI: Cyber (9 PM, CBS)

The cyber team investigates when a hacker uses a power outage in Detroit to mask a jewelry store robbery-homicide in which gems weren’t the target.

Supernatural (9 PM, The CW)

Dean decides to take matters with the Stynes into his own hands and Sam tries to come to terms with his decision.


CSI: Cyber (10 PM, CBS)

The second of Wednesday’s two episodes brings us to the season finale:

Avery confronts the hacker who released her patient’s information online when she was a psychologist. Meanwhile, Krumitz confronts the man who murdered his parents.



Cartoons (5 PM, Cartoon Network)

On Uncle Grandpa (5 PM), Uncle Grandpa accidentally transforms a young boy into a 300-year-old man, and must figure out a way to turn him back before anyone gets hurt. On Clarence (5:30 PM), Clarence discovers that Mr. Reese falls asleep during detention if he gets a donut, and soon detention is the biggest hotspot during recess. On Teen Titans Go! (6 PM), Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to make a yearbook for the Titans. On Adventure Time (7:30 PM), a charismatic stranger in Finn’s dream leads Cosmic Owl to shirk his duties.

The Vampire Diaries (8 PM, The CW)

The sixth season finale gives us actress Nina Dobrev’s exit:

In the aftermath of Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo’s (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) powerful nuptials, things take a dramatic turn when an uninvited guest shows up, leaving Elena (Nina Dobrev) in terrible jeopardy. Despite Matt’s (Zach Roerig) advice to leave town to protect herself, a defiant Bonnie (Kat Graham) takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan. As Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) reach an emotional crossroad in their relationship, a reunion with Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) leaves Tyler (Michael Trevino) faced with a decision that could change his life forever. Meanwhile, Lily’s (guest star Annie Wersching) reckless actions cause Stefan to realize the lengths to which his mother will go to reunite with her “family.” Finally, after a devastating chain of events, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Wayward Pines (9 PM, Fox)

M. Night Shyamalan brings Blake Crouch’s novel to life in this 10-episode series. Matt Dillon stars as Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke, who comes to Wayward Pines to investigate the disappearance of two fellow agents. But he quickly discovers that he can’t leave the town, and that strange things are going on beneath the surface. We saw the first five episodes and didn’t totally hate it. Plus, it has a pretty great cast.


Olympus (10 PM, Syfy)

Hero learns the only way to unlock his destiny is to kill someone he loves. Uh-oh.



Major Lazer (12 AM, FXX) and Axe Cop (12:15 AM, FXX)

They’re here. They’re animated. They’ll give you hella weird dreams.

Grimm (8 PM, NBC)

The season finale finds Nick on the war path:

On the heels of a shocking discovery, Nick (David Giuntoli) is hell bent on getting revenge and taking the fight to the Royals with help from Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni). Meanwhile, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) alliance continues to lead her down a dark path.


Bitten (9 PM, Syfy)

Aleister begins his lethal ritual, where a huge secret is revealed and Elena must face her worst fears.

The Messengers (9 PM, The CW)

Erin’s (Sofia Black-D’Elia) attempts to celebrate Amy’s (guest star Madison Dellamia) birthday in peace are thwarted as Raul (JD Pardo) and Joshua (Jon Fletcher) look to jumpstart Joshua’s visions, and we finally meet the seventh angel.


Lost Girl (10 PM, Syfy)

When an oracle goes missing, Bo goes undercover on a Fae dating website to find the guilty party.



Orphan Black (9 PM, BBC America)

Sarah is in hot water once again, but this time in a new location — and Paul isn’t pleased that she’s been digging around Castor instead of staying out of trouble. And Cosima has a date with someone who isn’t Delphine. Will she be luckier in love this time around? Probably not.


Outlander (9 PM, Starz)

At Wentworth Prison, Jamie’s execution day approaches, while Claire and the Highlanders contemplate a rescue plan. Later, Jamie receives an unsettling visit from Black Jack.



Game of Thrones (9 PM, HBO)

There’s a lot happening in Dorne with Trystane and Myrcella making plans, Jaime and Bronn reaching their destination, and the Sand Snakes attacking. We’ll also get to see Arya’s training and what happens with Jorah and Tyrion run into slavers.


The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (10 PM, Lifetime)

Lizzie remakes herself as a school teacher with a new name in a town far from Fall River to be near Emma who is in an asylum. Meanwhile, two gunslingers, Bat Masterson and Tom Horn, hunt for Lizzie and want to know the fate of their friend Siringo. When Lizzie helps a victimized student get justice Lizzie-style, she jeopardizes her cover; and Emma makes a startling choice that leaves Lizzie devastated.

Penny Dreadful (10 PM, Showtime)

In a flashback, Vanessa meets the Cut-Wife who teaches her how to harness her powers, and warns her of the danger that lies ahead and the evil that pursues her.


Salem (10 PM, WGN)

Mary and Countess Marburg keep up appearances while continuing their covert battle for Salem.




TUESDAY - Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (9 PM, ABC)

S.O.S. Parts One and Two (two hour season finale)

SHIELD puts it all on the line to survive a fight that blurs the line between friend and enemy; the team must make sacrifices that will alter relationships forever.

(description stolen from the Directv onscreen guide so do not blame me for “the line” being used twice in the same sentence.)