This Weird App Gave Us an Amazing Video

Pegas is a Romanian company that makes bikes. And they have a new app that lets you sample colors from the city landscape, and find a paint match to use on your Pegas City Bike. It's a weird idea, but the result is this diverting video about what it's like to bicycle in Bucharest. Which makes it all worth it.


You want to know more? The Pegas crew explains via email:

They select the color with a picker ( like Photoshop), name it, and that exact tone is simulated on the bike frame. Can be anything from "Granny's Bra Blue" to "Pudel Beige" or "Traffic Light Red". They order whatever color they want, and we deliver them their bike custom painted accordingly. Plus, our official 2015 collection will only feature colors picked through the app.



How/why does anyone who considers themselves to be a journalist continue to use the word "weird" to bait a click? JUST. STOP.