There's only so much that Instagram filters can do. For everything else, there's the Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone lens. This slick little clip-on accessory—the next iteration of Steve Wozniak's daily carry—adds four powerful lens effects to your iPhone's camera.

Debuting tonight at the Pepcom's event in San Francisco, the Olloclip 4-in-1 offers a fisheye, a wide-angle, and two macro (10x and 15x magnification) lenses in a single slip on accessory. The entire assembly weighs less than an ounce and easily slips into a fifth pocket when not in use.

Additionally, Olloclip also rolled out a mini-telephoto lens that offers an additional 2x magnification ability, as well as an iPhone 5c/s case with a flip-out corner allowing the lens to slip directly onto the phone without requiring the user to pull then entire case off first. The case also offers a tripod and microphone ports as well. It fits 4/4s/5 series iPhones as well as 5th Gen iPod Touches. It retails for $70—$100 with the case—and you can get one at