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Thousands Of Wasps Take Over The Spare Bedroom In UK Home

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An exterminator working in St. Cross, UK, recently had the unenviable tasks of removing a horrific wasp nest that had emerged on the bed of a spare bedroom.

According to pest controller John Birkett, there were as many as 5,000 wasps in the hive. His client, who lives alone in the five-bedroom house, had not been in the spare room for several months before her son opened the door and saw the disturbing scene. She had left the window open during that time.


The wasps built the nest by chewing through the pillows and into the mattress. The hive measured about three feet wide by a foot and a half deep. Birkett had to put on protective gear while removing it — and at one point claims to have been surrounded by 2,000 severely pissed-off wasps.

Remarkably, Birkett says he was able to save the crocheted blanket under the nest.


We can now add this to our ever-growing list of furniture items taken over by wasps.

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