Three Slingbox Versions Officially Announced

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The Slingbox Tuner, AV, and Pro have officially been announced as the three successors to the Slingbox Classic. The Tuner and AV versions will be $180, and the Pro will be $250. If you want to know the differences, hit the jump for more info.


The Tuner version has an analog tuner for regular cable and OTA (rabbit ears), the AV has a set-top-box interface to control your cable box and DVRs, and the Pro has multiple tuners and supports the $50 HD connector to output HD signals.

Oh yeah... I might have had a few of these boxes in my house the last month or so. ;) I can tell you video quality on a LAN definitely exceeds Slingbox Classic levels and I expect it to get even better going forward. However if you'll be doing most of your Slinging remotely and have slow uplink speeds, now is a good time to pick up the original Slingbox on the cheap. I imagine once the stock runs dry, we'll see some price cuts on the new boxes before the holidays.


There should be Mac support in the next month and Symbian support soon.

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