Thrutu for Android Lets You Do More than Talk When You're On the Phone

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If you can use Thrutu on your Android phone, it's pretty neat. When you're on a phone call, the app gives you a sliding drawer on top of your dialer to give you easy access to send pictures, contact info, location, etc. to the person you're talking to. It's quick and painless—just think about how many times you've tried to track down a phone number or explained directions on the phone, none of those situations would be as easy as just directly sending what you need.

The problem with Thrutu though? Well, you can't always use it. For one, both callers have to have Thrutu installed on their phone to send stuff back and forth. Tough to expect your non-nerd friends being on the ball with their app downloads. And secondly, for CDMA Android phones like those on Sprint and Verizon, you won't be able to use Thrutu because CDMA doesn't play well with simultaneous voice and data (it works on 4G Sprint and Wi-Fi, though).

But still. I really love the idea of Thrutu, and hope Google takes notice of it and swoops it up. Phone calls can't be just phone calls anymore. [Android Market]

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Ella Psy.D

Bonus points for the Rocky Horror reference.