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ThumbTack iPod Mic Is as Cute as a Button Tack

Illustration for article titled ThumbTack iPod Mic Is as Cute as a Button Tack

If you're the kind of person who demands that all electronics be twee and whimsical and you happen to need a mic for your Touch 2G or Nano 4G, well, here you go.


The ThumbTack is touted as "the best quality micro-microphone in its category", its category being, I assume, sub-$15 microphones that are shaped like thumbtacks. But seriously, it's compatible with third party apps, so if you have VOiP dreams for your iPod Touch or want to prepare early for some of the new mic-enable apps promised in iPhone/iPod OS 3.0, the $13 ThumbTack isn't such a bad deal. [Cult of Mac]

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BergenCountyJC is rocking in the free world

This just sounds too tacky for me.