Tide-Infused Inks Makes These Shirts Self-Cleaning

In a breakthrough that could vastly improve life for college students—and their parents—around the world, Tide has developed what could very well be the world's first self-cleaning t-shirt.

Created by Leo Burnett, the company's ad agency in Poland, the shirts feature cartoon images of various moms crying in despair at the mountain of laundry their college student kids bring home on the weekends—because apparently only moms do laundry. However, the t-shirts' designs were actually printed with special ink infused with Tide washing powder that would dissolve when the garment was tossed in water. Sadly it means the magical self-cleaning powers are only a one time thing, but one less trip to the laundromat is still totally worth it.

But here's an even better idea; ketchup infused with Tide so stains automatically clean themselves. As long as we keep it secret from the FDA, it will make millions. [I Believe in Advertising via Taxi]

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Or consider a Wool&Prince shirt, once they become available again (or are they?)