Tie Fighter Playhouse Recruiting For The Dark Side Early

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I want to meet the kids that want to play on Darth Vader's team, and the parents who support this. Would you let your tykes play with the neighborhood kids training to serve the Emperor?

This toy Tie Fighter runs about $75, which is actually pretty reasonable.

But I also feel the need to comment on the overall wussiness of this toy. Kids these days are overly pampered. Look at the soft exterior and flexible sides, it's not even suspended off the ground. When I was growing up we were lucky our Star Wars toys didn't kill us. We played in a 6-foot AT-ST fort, and it was considered a good day if we only fell off of that thing once without permanent damage. This cushy Tie Fighter hardly conveys the real power of the Dark Side. I recommend suspending it, at least 8 feet, from a tree, over rocks. That will teach them the hard knock life of Tie Fighter pilot.


[via Nerd Approved]