Steelcube's Tilevision is a "totally waterproof" LCD TV based on LG-Philips' TFT technology. Since it's waterproof, you can enjoy the Tilevision in places where it there's always the danger of water spilling and splashing, namely the bathroom. Once installed, the Tilevision should provide you with hours of entertainment as you lather up, blow dry your hair or partake in other bathroom activities. (Of course, you can just as well install the Tilevision in your living room, but where's the fun in that?)

The Tilevision is available in a 17-inch ($2,424) and 23-inch ($3,741)—both widescreen, mind you—model and comes with a black, silver or mirror finish. There's something about the UK and wacky gadgets.


Product Page [Steelcube via Chip Chick]