Tim Cook: Apple Pay Is Already The Leader In Contactless Payments

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Apple Pay has only been live for one week, but Apple's already got some welcome news — according to Mr Cook himself, Apple's fledgling payment system has hit the ground running, and already overshadows other NFC payment systems. Score one for Cupertino.


Speaking at the WSJ.D Live event, Apple's CEO said that Apple Pay has already seen more than 1 million activations, which Cook says is more than the total of "the other guys". That's certainly not a shabby number, but it's worth bearing in mind that activations doesn't equal purchases, and as we've seen from the kickback from retailers, Apple's struggle might be with getting merchants on board, rather than encouraging us little consumers to activate Apple Pay.

In fact, that's a topic that Cook touched on during the interview — saying that "you're only relevant as a merchant if your customers love you". That stands in pretty stark contrast to what other merchants are saying. A spokesperson from Walmart, which essentially leads the opposition to Apple Pay, CurrentC, told Business Insider today that they've just got consumers' best interests in mind by not supporting Apple Pay. It'll be interesting to see who wins this tussle, but it certainly seems that Apple's been able to make significant inroads into the payments arena thus far. [WSJ, The Verge]


Um, maybe it's just me, but it seems like getting out my phone.....swiping to unlock....hitting a button here or there......yeah, big huge pain in the ass and a great way to drop my phone while trying to hold coffee, a doughnut and something god awful out of a questionable kitchen. I guess what I am saying is....maybe in 10 years or even 5, but right now, I just don't want to have my life and credit card numbers in my phone. They are in my wallet, and that is just fine with me. Yes, safety, yes security, blah blah blah, don't care, simply don't want to use it and don't see why people have an inherent need to pull out their phone and wave it................oh. It was all so simple. Those of you wanting to wave your phones around a gas station are just seeking attention and someone to say "ooooh, shiney new phone, are you cool??".