Time Reinvents the iPad Magazine (Again)

Time's original iPad magazine was not overly ambitious. But like I've said, just give it some time—a new "future of magazines" will show itself every week. And the new Time? Well, more impressive than the old Time.


It might be a little too zippy, maybe. Whatever happened to leisurely reading a magazine? I kind of hope the bloopy bleepy sounds stick around, though. (To be clear, this is coming in a future edition of Time's iPad rag. Hopefully they ditch the $5-a-week pricepoint before. That'd sell more issues than a whizzier app.) [MediaMemo]


Anyone notice the wide-screen tablet? The split-view would be a little more constrained on the 4:3 screen.

While it is very beautiful and interactive, I see 2 problems.

1) Notice there are no ads in this simulation. Oh, you know there will be ads. The question is, are they going to take up real-estate with banner ads or are they going to interrupt you to show you a full screen ad? "Your article will resume in 0:15"

2) We're almost on the verge of web 3.0, it would seem. We're interacting with information and articles where they are able to become more than they first appear. A static image becomes a movie or slideshow or both, with the proper gesture, an article can be highlighted and shared, with the proper gesture, you can navigate around the entire magazine, with the proper gestures. It seems to me that with all this 'hidden' content, there's a good majority of readers who are going to skip over a lot of the media and features that makes such a magazine so revolutionary.