Time Warner Is Giving Away Slingboxes for Free*

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Time Warner Cable, the bane of my existence, is offering a $300 rebate for Slingboxes that makes the whole thing free. Which is nice, except it's only available for their Wideband Internet ($100/month) customers. The deal should start in September. [NY Times]



A slingbox is useless unless you've got HD cable service. So you have to pay for the premium internet service ($100/mo) + an HD Box/DVR (approx $15/mo) & basic cable, which, for first time subscribers starts at $30/mo. That's $145/mo + taxes.

Then you can look at their plus internet for (first time subscribers) $30/mo for one year, hulu+ ($8/mo) + netflix ($16/mo) + $30 in rentals from iTunes = approx $85/mo.

Or, you can do what I do - pay your friend $12/mo to get another cable box & hook up your slingbox to that & pay for internet only. Yea quality isn't "amazing" via slingbox because of twc crappy upload speeds, but appletv w/netflix ($16/mo) + approx $45 = approx $60/mo for everything TWC is trying to get you to pay nearly 3 times as much for.