Time Warner: Netflix Is Unfairly Withholding High-Quality Content

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Netflix is currently rolling out infrastructure to pump 3D and higher-quality HD content through the pipes to your home. But Time Warner is upset: it thinks that Netflix's plan to only offer the new conent to ISPs that participate in its Open Connect initiative is unfair on consumers.


Netflix claims that the only way to provide the new, high-quality content is to embed elements of its content delivery network directly into ISPs—a way of avoiding network congestion. But Time Warner doesn't agree:

"While they call it ‘Open Connect,' Netflix is actually closing off access to some of its content while seeking unprecedented preferential treatment from ISPs. We believe it is wrong for Netflix to withhold any content formats from our subscribers and the subscribers of many other ISPs. Time Warner Cable's network is more than capable of delivering this content to Netflix subscribers today."


But while it might sound like a scrap ion the making, Multichannel News reports that Time Warner is in discussions with Netflix to join in with the arrangement. Whatever happens, though, fingers crossed that Time Warner customers don't end up screwed because of a little acrimony. [Multichannel News]

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Im so fed up with the awful, grainy quality of Netflix streaming on my PC. I really hope this is a way to address that issue.