Timelapse Footage of Sweating Fingerprints Ready to Smear Your Smartphone

Thousands of nearly invisible sweat pores live amongst the spiraling ridges on your fingertips. They only reveal themselves if you’re patient enough to wait for them to start working. Luckily, the good folks of YouTube’s Timelapse Vision Inc. channel were kind enough to create footage of sweating fingerprints that look like a car crash: you don’t want to look at it, but once you do, it’s impossible to look away.


Using a macro lens on a timelapse camera, we can see the sweat pores responsible for all the fingerprints you leave behind, like when people leave bloody fingerprints at murder scene or when you smear your smartphone’s touchscreen. The next time you’re wiping something clean, remember this footage, and the battle you’ll never win.

[YouTube via Geekologie]

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Never shaking hands again.