Tinder Is Finally Getting an Undo Button (For a Price)

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Tinder is about to help you fix the biggest mistake you ever make on Tinder: Swiping left instead of swiping right. But if you want that magical power, you're going to have to pay for it.


TechCrunch reports that the undo button will be part of a suite of new features available to users as part of Tinder Plus. Tinder confirmed the story, and told Gizmodo that the new service would go live on Thursday.

The update adds the button for all users. If you're a free user, and the time comes to undo, then you'll have to pony up and pay.


In addition, Tinder Plus will add a new feature called Passport, which will allow you to browse users in other locations, so you can start preparing for the one-night stand you're going to have on a business trip in advance.

As TechCrunch notes Tinder Plus is an experiment that will have experimental pricing, "from $.99 to $4.99 to $9.99 and even $19.99 in some markets, to see what fits." Tinder confirmed that the new product is indeed an experiment but declined to comment further until the press release and and blog post go up on Thursday. You'll have to head to TechCrunch if you want to see what the new Tinder looks like. (It's basically old Tinder with a little yellow undo button.)

Anyone who has used Tinder knows the pain of mechanically swiping left when you mean to swipe right, and it's nice that Tinder is going to help ease that mistake. As for the other mistakes you make on Tinder, well, no subscription plan is going to help you with those. [TechCrunch]

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