Tiny Self-Driving Race Cars Don't Need Your Help To Avoid Crashing

The tiny RC toy trend started with Tomy's Bit Char-G cars almost a decade ago, and over the years they've not only gotten smaller, they've also finally gotten rid of the need for human intervention. Part of Tomy's Choro-Q line, the new Q-eyes cars feature left and right sensors located under the headlights to detect and automatically avoid obstacles while driving.

The tiny cars will run for about a minute with just a ten-second charge, and will automatically steer around obstacles taller than a centimeter. In the event they run into something they can't navigate around, they'll either stop until manually repositioned, or will back up and attempt to carry on in another direction. They're available now in Japan for just over $30 in a variety of miniaturized car designs including a Nissan Leaf, a Subaru WRX STI, or a Nissan GT-R, and are all the more impressive when you consider that most full-size cars don't have similar collision-avoidance technology. [Takara Tomy via Nikkei Technology]


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