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Tiny Sony Laptop Hits FCC—Is This A Sony Netbook?

Illustration for article titled Tiny Sony Laptop Hits FCC—Is This A Sony Netbook?

The computer rear-end in this photo is a Sony machine that's just hit the FCC. There're a couple of things that make it interesting: it's labeled with PCG-1P1L, making it synonymous with Vaio numbering. It was tested for 802.11 Wi-Fi in b, g and n flavors, with Bluetooth and both EVDO and HSPA. Its label reveals it'll run a Windows OS, and the label size gives a clue to the size of the machine: about 9.7 by 4.7 inches. And that's tiny. Sure, Sony's made small Vaios before, but this is in the 3G-toting HP Mini 1000 size range. Which raises the obvious question: Is this a Sony netbook? It's impossible to tell, at least for the while, but over to you in the comments. [FCC]


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I have said this more than once, and I will continue to rant on? Why in the hell do you need a netbook? It's a niche form factor if there ever was one. To me, they aren't viable to anyone.

You use a computer to surf the net. Okay, but with a small screen, you're might as well get a coupon for Lasik surgery with each purchase. There is no true mobile connectivity. No 3G support, what so ever. Don't give me this crap about wi-fi, cause that still limits you to your home, work, or coffee houses. Places I would rather have my notebook anyway.

They're small, and what. I heard people say they love these because they are so light. Your average notebook weighs between 2 to 7 pounds. If you find carrying 2 to 7 pounds troublesome, you need to reevaluate your diet and level of exercise. Also, did you know that the legs of a healthy person are suppose to be able to support at least 3 times your body weight. So complaining about having a 5 pound notebook on your lap is kind of pathetic.

Okay, what am I suppose to do with 1GB of RAM? Office 2007? No. Adobe Suite? No. Even Internet browsing would be limited to just a few pages at a time. I could probably get excited about this if the hardware was an upgrade from what I already have, but come on. You're asking someone with common sense to go from 750GB of storage to 16GB? My Blackberry holds as much.

Sometimes kids, just because crap is in new packaging, doesn't make it better.