Tiny Sony Laptop Hits FCC—Is This A Sony Netbook?

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The computer rear-end in this photo is a Sony machine that's just hit the FCC. There're a couple of things that make it interesting: it's labeled with PCG-1P1L, making it synonymous with Vaio numbering. It was tested for 802.11 Wi-Fi in b, g and n flavors, with Bluetooth and both EVDO and HSPA. Its label reveals it'll run a Windows OS, and the label size gives a clue to the size of the machine: about 9.7 by 4.7 inches. And that's tiny. Sure, Sony's made small Vaios before, but this is in the 3G-toting HP Mini 1000 size range. Which raises the obvious question: Is this a Sony netbook? It's impossible to tell, at least for the while, but over to you in the comments. [FCC]