Tiny Wee Via Mobile ITX Motherboard to Power x86 Smartphones

Yes, that's a technical term: Via's new Mobile ITX motherboard just presented at Computex is absolutely tiny wee, as you can see here compared to a RAZR. But don't think it's underpowered, because this 3 x 1.8 inches PC comes loaded and ready to power all kinds of x86-compatible smartphones.


It has a 1GHz C7-S CPU with a reduced CX700 north and south-bridge chipset. It will come with 256MB or 512MB of soldered RAM, but the most important impressive thing is that Via has managed to shoehorn a CDMA processor in the package along with an on-board DC-DC converter. The Mobile ITX motherboard powers the Nanobook, which you can see in the gallery and our previous coverage.


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