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Ashton Kutcher now has 1 million followers on Twitter—holy cow. But for all the coolest gadgety news—and random moments of our lives—that really matter, tip, tweet and follow us on Twitter.


If you're a Twitter junkie, like myself, or if you're just so intimidated by all the cool stories on our blog that you don't know where to begin reading, follow Gizmodo, and you'll get the highlights of all our most interesting posts and awesome in-depth features every day.


Or if you want to know more about the people who are behind Gizmodo's green curtain, you can find our individual Twitter accounts next to our names on the masthead—that bar of credits on the left of the page. Tweet us any tips you have, live vicariously through our drunken Friday night declarations, find out the snowboarding conditions in Tahoe, schedule XBL gaming meetups, give us Apple support, gossip about random celebrity encounters, and basically find out what we're doing when we're not blogging our lives away in front of our computers—Hint: We're just tweeting from our phones while we're on the potty.

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